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700 participants and 160 speakers participated in the conference “Information society 2002“, „Infobalt“ Investors’ League, „Infobalt“ Multimedia League and „TELEBALT“ conference that took place on October 21, 2002 in the hotel „Le Meridien Villon“.

The 9th International Exhibition of Information Society Technologies INFOBALT 2002 was held on October 24-27 in the Exhibition Center Litexpo. More than 200 Lithuanian and foreign companies from 18 countries participated in the conference. The overall area of the exhibition Infobalt 2002 was 12,350 m˛ (180 companies participated in the exhibition Infobalt 2001 and its overall area was 11,300 m˛).

The figures of Infobalt 2002:

  • 64,500 people, including 17,000 specialists and representatives of science and state institutions, visited the exhibition.
  • Up to 120 thousands of people visited the virtual exhibition www.infobalt2002.lt.
  • 11 national delegations from China, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, USA, Australia, Denmark, Italy and France visited the exhibition.
  • 110 journalists were accredited, 38 press conferences were held and 80 press releases were released.
  • Delegations from the Government and the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as from the Presidential Office also visited the exhibiton.

Center of Search for Partners and Contacts

More than 50 ITT (Information Technologies and Telecommunications) companies and institutions visited the Center of Search for Partners and Contacts. Bipartite relations were established with the representatives of ITT companies from China, German, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, USA, Australia, Denmark, Italy and France.

Science and Technology Park

  • 24 scientific discoveries and projects were presented in the Science and Technology Park that was laid out in the exhibition.
  • 6 Science and Technology parks, ITT incubators and clusters (projects of KTU, Saulëtekis, Điaurës miestelis, IT Visoriai, Klaipëda and Điauliai)
  • Information stand of Information Society Development Committee of the Republic of Lithuania and the stand of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.
  • Information stand of 5 EU programmes.


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